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Today, a company’s presence on the social networks Instagram and Facebook is extremely important for its successful presentation to potential customers. Instagram and Facebook are among the most popular social networks in the world, with several billion of active users, representing a great potential for companies to reach their target groups.

By being present on these platforms, a company can establish direct communication with its customers, improve its brand awareness and promote its products or services. It can keep their followers informed about the news, events, campaigns and discounts, while also encouraging them to execute their purchases.

A presence on Instagram and Facebook can equally increase the organic reach of posts and influence the optimization of search results, leading to a long-term positive impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) of web pages. Google’s web crawlers check every link, no matter where it is directed from.

In order to establish a successful presence on social networks, high quality content should regularly be published. A point should be made to respond promptly to any comments and messages from the followers.

To sum up, a presence on the social networks Instagram and Facebook today is almost essential for any company wishing to succeed with online promotion.



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At this point, you might be wondering what we can do to promote your company better?

We can help you with practically everything. For your company, we will conduct the necessary research to find out what type of content your followers prefer and on what days and hours they are most active. Based on all this information, we will draft a plan of social media posts.

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Advertising on social networks Facebook and Instagram has become one of the most important tools for marketing and promoting products or services.

Facebook and Instagram allow for targeted advertising, which means that advertisers can choose the exact target audience they wish to reach. In this way, we can avoid advertising to the general public that may not be interested in the products or services offered, while achieving greater advertising effectiveness at the same time. To put it simply: if the right audience sees the ad, the purchase rate will be much higher.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram involves using different ad formats such as images, videos or carousel ads. These formats are customized for different target groups and achieving various advertising objectives, such as brand awareness raising, gaining new followers, selling products and so on.

In addition, Facebook and Instagram also offer excellent analytical tools with which they can monitor the effectiveness of their ads, measure the success of the campaigns and respond appropriately to optimize the advertising.

In general, advertising on the social networks Facebook and Instagram is very effective, as it permits reaching a wide target audience, achieving a high degree of personalization, measuring the effectiveness of advertising and adjusting the ads to a specific target group.