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VSI.SI PORTAL is an online portal for companies, displaying all of the features of their own websites, where companies can publish their articles, news, promotions and products. The portal, accessible 24/7 from any location, functions as a secondary website and ranks highly on Google. started this site in order to provide our clients with a unique opportunity to improve the rankings of their own websites.

The portal allows:

✔️ Higher positioning of your website

✔️ An additional source of directing visitors to your website, as the portal articles direct visitors to your website via links

✔️ Raising awareness on your company, products and services among visitors

✔️ Monitoring the results of website visits on

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  • Company home page or a business card with all the necessary contact information, with the goal of strengthened accessibility; the design should be clear and transparent, emphasising the presentation of your company’s services and products.
  • Subpage: Presentation of products
  • Subpage: Presentation of services
  • Subpage: Promotions
  • Subpage: News
  • Subpage: Tips
  • Subpage: Photo galleries
  • Subpage: Videos
  • Classic subpages with any content

The easiest way to reach us is to call us on the following number: + 386 (0)5 907 59 28 or by filling out the contact form, which will allow us to get back to you. We will present you with all the possibilities of cooperation. In this way, you can easily decide what your company would gain through our working together.

Of course. In the beginning, the portal was created to give customers without their own website the possibility of creating an online card. Besides being user friendly, this also allows for the publication of news, campaigns, advice, photo galleries, video recordings, presentations of individual services, etc.

Over time, the portal has developed into one of the major examples of its kind. In addition to all of the above, it enables companies to increase the number of visits to their own website and raise the number of inquiries or sales.

Since is aware that it is necessary to follow the latest developments, we made sure that the portal is available in as many as eight languages: Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, Italian, Serbian, Dutch and Czech.

This enables the online portal to be recognized internationally.  It also supports you, our customers, in better targeting foreign markets with the sales and marketing of your products or services. A targeted access to foreign markets is vital in today’s competitive markets, as the Slovenian market often gets too small and saturated for implementing the whole potential of your company.

In addition to presenting the respective companies, the portal allows for the publication of articles aimed at the public, describing activities, parts of products, the reasoning behind the products, various events, services, the stories behind creating the products, comparisons of individual brands, etc.

The portal allows you to publish articles of a more general nature, which you might not publish on your website featuring exclusively sales-oriented content. These are still optimization articles – which you cannot do without, and are thematically related to your page, aimed at thus “raising” your page at Google.

The featured articles (such as the article entitled “10 ways to furnish an attic apartment”) are highly ranked on Google, as they provide a range of answers to real problems of attic occupants. If your company produces furniture, you would wish to have a link from such an article to your website.

You may not have such an article on your website, as your company may not offer everything described in the article. However, as long as it provides at least a share of the elements described, you can easily publish a link to your website from such articles on the portal.


€550,00 + VAT

The basic package contains:

  • Main banner with a personalized photo
  • About the company, its services (2) and products (3), photo gallery or videos, news (2)
  • Contact form
  • Promotions (3) – FREE


From €120 to €460

Services (additionally up to 400 words / service)

  • Description + 2 services: €120.00 + VAT
  • Description + 4 services: €240.00 + VAT
  • Description + 6 services: €340.00 + VAT
  • Description + 8 services: €460.00 + VAT


From €180 to €500

Products (additionally up to 400 words / product)

  • Description and photos + 3 products: €180.00 + VAT
  • Description and photos + 6 products: €340.00 + VAT
  • Description and photos + 9 products: €500.00 + VAT


From €150 to €250

Photo gallery

Photos are published in the »Photo Gallery” module. It allows the visitor to send an inquiry directly from the photo, thus it is possible to see immediately, which product or service the potential customer is interested in.

  • Photo gallery (up to 10 photos): €150.00 + VAT
  • Photo gallery (up to 20 photos): €250.00 + VAT


€590.00 + VAT / year

Promotions and news (NAZ) on the home page

  • Publication of 2 promotions and 1 news item per month for a period of 1 year: €590.00 + VAT


Contents or descriptions are prepared by d.o.o., prices are valid for one year.
Publication date: Sept. 2022