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Websites or online stores can be made in several ways. The fastest and at the same time the cheapest way is creating a website based on an already designed theme. WordPress offers a wide selection of various well-designed themes, which can be grouped according to the topic of the site, be it production, fashion, restaurants, design, etc.

Thus, we avoid the cost of designing a website and additional programming work to set it up, but we still have enough freedom to adapt the website to the overall graphic image of the company (CGP).





















1. Client meeting

At the meeting, the client can outline their wishes for the functioning of the website or e-store, explaining also their desired way of how it should look. For the most part, the initial wishes are broadly descriptive and often, customers want a modern, clean site providing a good user experience, etc.

2. Theme selection

Based on the initial meeting, the experts in our company select a few examples of themes that they think would suit the client. If the client does not like any of them, they are asked to provide a link to any company that they think has a page of their liking. Based on the received cases, a new selection is made.

3. Structure set-up

Based on the agreed content, theme and the complete graphic image (CGP) of the company, the intended structure of the website is drawn-up. The structure is created for the main pages, such as the home page, contact page, reference page, page or pages introducing the company, basic page with services, etc.


The customer is expected to give their comments on the structure, including proposing any changes. At this point, an agreement is made with the client on what should be prepared so that the page can actually be produced.

5. Client instructions

If an agreement has been reached that the customer shall draw up the content for the page (including text and images), we will provide them with all relevant instructions. The instructions are usually quite precise and contain the following: the amount of expected text by sections, the size and quality of images, the number of images expected on respective pages, …

6. Website production

While the client collects the relevant material for the website, we start working on the layout. A domain is leased (if necessary), and a working domain is created, where the website is set up.

Zakupi se domeno (v kolikor je to potrebno) izdela se delovna domena, kjer se nato postavlja spletna stran. Nato se zakupi se strežnik (v kolikor je to potrebno) se poveže domeno s strežnikom, naloži se CMS sistem, vklopi izbrana tema in izdela spletna osnova na podlagi izbrane teme in potrjene strukture. V tem času seveda pričakujemo, da bomo prejeli vsaj kakšno besedilo, sliko, video posnetek ipd.

7. If you already have a website

If you already have a website and just want to refresh it or update it to newer systems, the client may have much less work. In such a case, the text can already be drawn from the existing page. Then, the customer only has to prepare any additional text if there is a need and desire for it. It is usually necessary to provide new photos.

8. Close to the final product

This is the period when we again ask for a little more cooperation from your side. During this phase, you receive a link to the working domain so that you can see what stage of work we are at. You should provide your opinion, make the final corrections, edit the inquiry forms and update the texts, such as the privacy policy, the text about the cookies and any other similar texts. If we are creating an online store for you, you should also arrange the payment systems, determine the method of calculating the postage and, if you will be using any coupons with discounts, decide how this will be displayed online, …. Please rest assured that we would help you with the basic text and our extensive experience.

9. Project completion

Once the page or the online store is finished and both parties are satisfied with its appearance, it can be published. Upon publication, the SSL certificate is arranged, adding any necessary redirections if you already had a website in the past, and similar. After the publication is complete, all our clients receive training. During the training, we demonstrate the WordPress CMS to the members of staff that will be involved in editing and supplementing the pages. Thus, the client can enter the blog content, articles, new web pages, new galleries, news, etc.

If your company needs a website, you are in the right place!

Is your website inefficient, outdated or do its features no longer work? Would you like a website where you could add content yourself?


How quickly a website can be created depends primarily on how much content or how many web subpages your company needs, and whether you already have at least partially prepared content and image material for your website.

If you only need a presentation website, which usually only consists of a basic page, a subpage such as the contact, a page about the company, presenting some services and maybe something else, a new website can be created as shortly as within a month. However, we do not recommend rushing. Namely, the initial part, where the topic is chosen, the high-quality content is prepared, when photos are selected, produced or even bought, etc., takes a lot of time. It is better to write down your wishes, to coordinate the feasible options with us, and to create a website that will serve you well in the years to come.

If an online store is being created, the process takes a little longer. External factors, such as banks (and the online payment systems required), etc. also influence the production.

Whereas 20 years ago, it was customary to think that a website is only created once, we now know otherwise. In the last 10 years, the web technology has advanced so much that we can say that sites older than five years are dead already. In the last 15 years, however, there have been so many changes, both in production and in design, that there is a high probability that your site no longer works at all.

Will it be necessary to change websites as often in the future as we have done so far? Unfortunately, we do not know the answer to this question. However, we do know that websites, which do not feature enough activity and maintenance, will not last long online. Either their appearance will be damaged or certain useful parts will not be fully functional. Neither one nor the other is optimal, regardless of what sector you work in.

Despite the fact that the client decides to create a website based on a theme, that theme can be customized visually and functionally. A large part of your wishes will most likely be solved already with our advanced knowledge of using the WP CMS. The wishes that cannot be addressed in this way, can in 4 out of 5 cases be solved with paid or, preferably, free plugins. However, when there are specific wishes, solutions can be implemented by re-programming and including in the selected theme.

Most often, updating is necessary and requested for online stores, mostly for website links to accounting programs.

The simple answer is yes. A more complex and precise answer is that a connection with accounting programs is possible in most cases.

If your requirements are not too advanced, the connection can be assured by using plugins for certain accounting programs. This is the cheapest possible choice, but it has some limitations.

If your requirements are specific or more demanding, it is necessary to hand over your wishes to the programmer, so that they can create a link tailored just for you and your online store.

Basic web optimization is also taken care of during our project work. Simple plugins are in use, with the help of which customers can take care of the content part of the web optimization later. We assure the technical part, which includes fast uploading of images and similar items during production. After the installation is complete, we also provide the client with tools that they can use when updating the page themselves.

UX stands for User Experience. Most of the time it has a key influence on the number of calls, visits and purchases on websites. Some companies invest entire fortunes in the online customer behaviour research. Since we know that the average company cannot afford this, we rely on our experience and the basics of good practice when determining the user experience of websites. A good user experience can be largely achieved by:

  • fast page loading,
  • using beautiful photos,
  • displaying visible contact information,
  • using simple forms,
  • using simple ordering options,
  • good and transparent instructions,
  • using content that provides concrete answers about the services or products,
  • visible links on the page,
  • easy transition between the different topics on the page,
  • ect.

1.890 € + VAT

  • Production of a new website and its optimization
  • Type design of the website, adapted for tablets and smartphones (2 edits)
  • Transfer or input of 5 contents per page
  • Editing of a photo gallery with 10 photos
  • Presentation content on (produced by the company d.o.o.) – annually on
  • Up to 5 links from to the client’s website
  • Module for editing and adding promotions and news on


2.790 € + VAT

  • Production of a new website and its optimization
  • Template-based design adapted to tablets and smartphones (4 edits)
  • Transfer or input of 10 contents per page
  • Arrangement of 3 photo galleries with 10 photos in each
  • 6 thematic/optimized contents on (produced by the company d.o.o.) – annually on
  • Up to 20 links from to the client’s website
  • Module for editing and adding promotions and news on


3.590 € + VAT

  • Production of a new website and its optimization
  • Template-based design adapted to tablets and smartphones (8 edits)
  • Transfer or input of 20 contents per page
  • Arrangement of 6 photo galleries with 10 photos in each
  • 15 thematic/optimized contents on (produced by the company d.o.o.) – annually on
  • Up to 55 links from to the client’s website
  • Module for editing and adding promotions and news on


500 € + VAT

  • Company information
  • Contact details
  • Presentation of the company with products and services (up to 350 words – written by the client)
  • Keywords (8)
  • Brands (5)
  • Link to the client’s website (2)
  • Company logo
  • Contact form
  • CMS integration (€200 surcharge)