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WEBSITE OR ONLINE STORE ADAPTATIONS AND UPGRADES can help, if you need adapting an existing store or website, but the company that produced it is no longer available.

Our company offers minor website updates, but only for websites made in the WordPress CMS. If the page had been custom made and if it contains considerable amounts of the programming code, you should inform us about this in advance. It is not our intention that any of the corrections would result in partial malfunctioning of an existing site or shop.




Setting out wishes and problems




Project completion

1. Before starting

Before starting the project and making an offer, we will ask you for the following information:

  • The CMS of the page
  • What is wrong with the page, or what changes you wish to make to it
  • Access to website administration

We need the information listed above in order to propose a realistic offer based on your wishes. It is often the case that some parts of the website are not made as one would expect. Unfortunately, if we run into unexpected problems that were not included in our basic offer, the labour costs would increase, which is something that everyone wishes to avoid.


2. After approving the offer

After the offer approval the work can start. If the adaptations pertain to the site design, involving new text and images, your only task is to send us the material. If many corrections are planned that may affect the operation of the website, a copy of the existing website is made on a working domain, on which the corrections and changes are then carried out. Only when completely edited, the existing website is overwritten with the newly designed version.

3. Project completion

The work is completed when all changes agreed are published on the website or e-store.

Do you have additional questions?

Perhaps you do not know whether you should fix your existing page or completely renew it? Contact us and we will help you make the right decision.


Our experience has shown that in most cases, it is preferable to create a new website. The reason is never financial. We have found that site corrections took almost as much time and effort as building a new website or store would have (with some exceptions, if the changes were minimal).

Taking into account such costs, a newly created website with all the necessary updates and the latest design guidelines is always a better solution than repairing something that may already be obsolete, both in terms of usability and appearance.

If this is really the only information you would like to update on the site, we would, in addition to making the changes, also advise you to take-up some training with us. This would empower you to edit simpler parts of your website in the future. Please note that this does not apply if your website uses some kind of Sol CMS or custom CMS. As long as your website uses a WordPress base, a training is possible.

This question is very broad and the answer depends on what you consider as technical repairs or optimization. If you only ask us for a faster operation of your website, we will not be able to help you without a thorough analysis and a long-term problem detection.

What can you do in such a case?

We advise you to review the weight of the images on the page. If the banner images are heavier than 500KB and if the product images are heavier than 100KB, then we advise you to reduce the weight of these to begin with.

If the page is still slow, check which plugins are being used effectively. Delete all redundant plugins.

If the page is still slow, contact the company, where you have the server and ask them what could be done to improve the server speed. Do not opt for the Reseller hosting. You should only opt for such hosting if you have several websites and each of them is based on a different CMS (Sol-CMS, Word Press, Joomla …).

In recent years, definitions of when a site is fast or slow have been a matter of some controversy. The programs that rate websites often have servers overseas and cannot show a real picture for a Slovenian website, hosted on a Slovenian or European server.

The general LightHouse programme, which “fairly” realistically assesses the quality of a website, has its shortcomings, too. The speed of the website on mobile devices is still estimated based on a slow 3G internet connection. Such a connection can, globally speaking, only be found in less developed areas. Most of the users in Slovenia are using a 5G or at least a 4G network.

A drop in the positioning is a real and valid concern. Nevertheless, it is great that today we have procedures that can prevent a serious decrease of results.

The tools include the requirement that the new website should be better and more transparent than the existing one in terms of content, images and structure. The new website should also be SEO responsive. If the domain or just the URL of a website subpage is changed during the renovation, it is necessary to use permanent redirects. Adding to that is the optimized weight of the images and their adequate naming, etc.

If the new website is produced with sufficient effort and if high quality texts are added to it (which we are happy to provide assistance on), while the content is not shortened, but upgraded or even extended, and if the pictures and other materials are prepared according to the instructions received, the website should not drop in positioning. To be more precise, the site should not drop in positioning for a very long time.

The positions will fluctuate, but for a shorter period. According to all the rules, the page should afterwards be placed in similar positions as before the updating. If the website is really well made and better than the previous version, and if your activity does not have a lot of competition, there is a high probability that your positions on Google after the first fluctuation may improve.