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The term on-site optimization covers a wide range of actions on your own website. On-site optimization is a part of the optimization process, where several factors are adjusted in the background of the website, allowing for both the user experience and the ‘reading of Google’s robots’, which detect the relevant content. Google’s perception determines which pages will be ranked higher and which content will be reachable faster by potential users. The overall purpose of the on-site optimization is to make the user experience as positive as possible, and above all, to allow the site visitor find concrete answers to their questions quickly.

Some of the most important elements that are comprised within the on-site optimization are:

  • High quality texts with specific keywords (content visible on the page, either blog articles/news or category descriptions, etc.)
  • Clean programming code
  • Page loading speed (affected by the size of images, video content, animations, length of the programming code, etc.)
  • Alt texts
  • Adequate meta data (meta title and description) that should include the keywords to explain the content which will attract more visitors
  • Site properly optimized for mobile devices
  • Internal links connecting related content

The on-site optimization is among the key optimization strategies for online search, as it helps improve the quality and relevance of the content on the website and achieve better search engine results.



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On-site optimization is a process, whereby a website is improved by increasing its accessibility and visibility as regards web browsers. On-site optimization is important because the online search engines use algorithms to evaluate the quality of a website in determining its position in the search results.

High quality content gives users concrete answers to their questions, featuring additional information. It should be relevant to the audience you want to reach. Keywords should be used, as well as different media (such as images and videos). The content should be easy to read and understand.

Please make sure that your website is simple and that visitors will like returning to it. The page should load quickly (please note that the size of the images might be the reason for the page loading slowly) and it should be adapted to mobile devices. The categories chosen should be meaningful.