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The Google Ads advertising platform allows companies and individuals display their ads to users browsing the search engine, so that they can easily find their services or products before those of the competitors. Anyone can outpace their competitors successfully with a bulletproof marketing plan.

Google Ads advertising is popular and effective, as it enables a targeted approach to advertising, where ads are displayed only to the users who meet certain criteria, such as the age, location, interests, browsing habits, etc. This means that advertisers can reach their target audience, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful campaign.

The ads appear at the top or the bottom of search results pages, on websites with the Google’s advertising system enabled, and in other formats, such as in YouTube videos, mobile apps, and so on.

Google Ads make it possible for advertisers to tweak their campaigns and monitor the results in real-time, allowing the campaigns to be adjusted and optimized based on the results achieved. The more the campaign is optimized, the higher the number of clicks on the ad and, consequently the number of purchases made.

The companies that want to increase the sales of products or services, improve brand recognition, acquire new customers or improve their website performance use Google Ads system advertisements.

Build your brand with the help of advertising makes sure that each of our customers has a precisely outlined advertising path for the best possible effect

We will define the right target audience and keywords, as well as prepare an advertising plan for you. On top of that, we constantly analyze the data obtained, while continuously improving the effectiveness of ads on this basis and, as a result, increasing your sales.


Google advertising enables targeted advertising based on keywords and user interests, leading to more effective advertising campaigns and increased online traffic and sales.

CPC or PPC advertising is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays to run the ad only when someone clicks on the ad.

The cost of Google advertising depends on many factors, including the type of the ad, the target audience, the keywords and the competition. Advertising on Google Ads is carried out based on the auction principle, where advertisers themselves can determine the highest price they are willing to pay for a click.

To start advertising on Google Ads, you should create an account, select a target audience, and create an ad. If you want to have the best results, we advise being supported by a digital marketing agency.

Google Ads offers several types of ads, including text ads, images, video ads and banner ads. The ads can appear in various places, including among the Google search results, on websites, in mobile apps, and in YouTube videos.

You can improve the success of a Google Ads advertising campaign by using targeted keywords and effective meta titles and descriptions, while combining it with a well-chosen target audience and the real-time measurement of results.

To measure the performance of a Google Ads campaign, you can use various metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversions, conversion rates, cost per click, etc. Google Ads also offers a conversion-tracking tool that allows you to track the user activity on your site and measure the effect of your ads on sales or signups.

The quality of ads on Google Ads is determined considering various factors, such as the click-through rate, the keyword match, the landing page quality and the user experience. To improve your ad quality, you can make sure your ads are targeted and relevant to your keywords and the target audience. You should also ensure that the landing page matches the ad and offers a good user experience.

The choice of the keywords for a Google Ads advertising campaign is crucial to reach the target audience. To choose the keywords, you can use the keyword research tools, which help you find the words that best match your product or service. When choosing the keywords, you should also consider the level of your competition and the cost per click.

The target audience can be reached through Google Ads using various parameters, such as the demographic data, the geographic location, the interests and behavior or similar qualities.

To sell your products or services on Google Ads, we can use either shopping campaigns or text ad campaigns, or a combination of the two.

The recommended image sizes for Google Ads ads vary depending on the type of the ad you want to run. The most common sizes are 1.91:1 (600×314 px) and 1:1 (300×300 px), which are suitable for search engine advertising.

The recommended image sizes for Google Ads ads vary depending on the type of the ad you want to run. The most common sizes are 1.91:1 (600×314 px) and 1:1 (300×300 px), which are suitable for search engine advertising.

The conversion measurement can be set up on Google Ads by using a tracking code that is installed on the website or in the application.

To create effective text ads on Google Ads, we use an attractive title, an attractive offer, and a clear call to action (CTA). An in-depth knowledge of the target group is also very important in this case.

Advertising on Google Ads is possible even if you don’t have a website, but the options in this case are limited. The final target of the ad can thus only be directed to a telephone number or to a physical location address.

A remarketing campaign on Google Ads can be used to retarget website visitors, aiming at encouraging them to complete a purchase or another conversion.

To advertise in other countries, you can use language targeting or geo-targeting and choosing the keywords that people abroad are searching for. You can also use different currencies and adjust the prices or select the appropriate time zone.