We create digital experiences. We listen to your wishes. We combine the technical aspect of developing a website with the overall image of your company and bring it all together even higher – on the first page of Google. Our experienced web development team creates a modern and sophisticated design, impeccable technical layout and provides all tools and a solid foundation on the new website for the Google Search engine optimization.

Your website is a mirror of your company. Keeping that in mind, every client’s or partner’s website project is approached individually, in order to create a website you will be proud of.


Web design

Search engine optimization


Search engine optimization. Sounds simple, although it’s not. It brings so many advantages, it is worth every investment and all of the hard work.


With proper search engine optimization, you make sure your website is positioned on the first page of results on your web browser (mostly Google in Europe) for all important keywords relating to your company, website, products or services. About 94% of people only search for results on the first page of Google and if your company is not there, a majority of your potential customers and business partners will pass you by and you will not be seen by them.



One of the best features of the Internet is, that is works every day, 24/7 and in every country in the world at the same time.

Since we are aware of the power of the Internet, the power of visibility on it and that a great part of company’s trading is doing business with foreign countries, we put all our efforts in expanding our team in order to be able to offer digital services for foreign countries as well. Currently, our company provides services for Slovenian and foreign companies on foreign markets such as; Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the complete English-speaking market.


Global SEO

Google Adwords advertising


Betting and paying on keywords means you are buying the desired keywords and phrases you want to place on the top of Google search results and are therefore paying for a visitor’s click. Google works in a way, that if you give it 1€, it will give you back much more in value – website traffic. Digital marketing is not just about ‘’buying keywords’’, the advertising campaign must also be prepared correctly and properly, according to your goals.

Our experienced and Google Adwords certified team will prepare a wholesome strategy, create marketing effective ads, choose the most profitable keywords and will implement and monitor the campaign. Campaigns can be launched in foreign markets as well.



A common mistaken belief that digital marketing is only suitable for larger companies and corporations has been proven incorrect a long time ago and was never correct in the first place.


What they all have in common is an efficient digital marketing strategy which was implemented successfully and with the help of a great business idea and good services, skyrocketed previously mentioned companies into large successful corporations as we know them today. Digital strategy is a ‘’must do’’ for every serious company, which wants to grow and develop its brand and visibility in the long-term.



Digital strategy

Social media marketing


Social media marketing is gaining importance year by year, especially on Facebook, which still holds the first place among social media networks with over a billion users. We are certain that Facebook advertising is a sophisticated tool which provides a great amount of advertisement reach and views among clearly selected and designed target group.


We prepare and implement all necessary steps in Facebook advertising for our clients and regularly monitor and optimize or adjust the campaigns.



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