Social media marketing


Social media marketing

Social media marketing is gaining importance year by year, especially on Facebook, which still holds the first place among social media networks with over a billion users. We are certain that Facebook advertising is a sophisticated tool which provides a great amount of advertisement reach and views among clearly selected and designed target group. 

After years of experience, we have established the parameters, for which companies and markets Facebook advertising the most appropriate in we believe it is a great tool for increasing sales and brand awareness in a short amount of time. 


We prepare and implement all necessary steps in Facebook advertising for our clients and regularly monitor and optimize or adjust the campaigns.




Social media marketing

If your business is more B2B than B2C and your focus is on social media marketing, then, your target audience is on LinkedIn. Approximately 80% of ‘’Leads’’ from social campaigns come from LinkedIn. The potential for success with this channel is clear and transparent. Correctly executed activities on LinkedIn can be very beneficial for every company, from huge corporations to small businesses, especially when targeting specific groups of people in specific countries. 


LinkedIn is an extremely valuable marketing platform with over 400 million active users and growing daily. Much of LinkedIn’s success is the fact that with advertising you can target a specific group of people with specific references and this way, your marketing message reaches relevant entrepreneurs and relevant staff. Strategic targeting brigs better message reception, better responsiveness, and useful contacts.


You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.

- Pam Moore

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